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Let's get to the root of things - La raiz de la enfermedad

Shuguang International Hospital

Here I am interning in Shanghai, China in an International integrative hospital where East meets West, 2013

Estudiando en el hospital Internacional en Shanghai, China, 2013.

Soup Doctor

Serving up bone marrow immune boosting soups - and loving it!

Ofreciendo sopas de medula ósea - lo que me encanta hacer!

Escomed - Escollanos

Knowing where and how these homeopathics are made was the most important factor in choosing a company. In November 2021, I interned at their US/S American distribution and manufacturing plant and learned how to make homeopathic remedies, granules and Bach Flowers. This is a product I trust and endorse wholeheartedly.


La sopa milagrosa que ayuda al sistema inmumologico y pacientes para la recuperación de su salud!

Maria Marin, Motivadora y Sobreviviente de Cancer

Una sopa milenaria que ayuda de pie a cabeza - desde el sistema inmune hasta la piel!

I am so so thankful for Soup to Bones! Bone marrow soup and bone broth is one of the healthiest and most nourishing foods we could possibly consume! Sandra’s passion and delicious recipes are what keep me coming back for more! And I love that she creates new recipes and offers different options. The tumeric pastes are wonderful mixed in the soups as well!! Thank you for your heart to help people heal from the inside out and make it delicious in the process!!! You definitely want to order these soups!!!

Cassie Kress

I have enjoyed Sandra’s bone broth and soups for years! As an acupuncture physician myself, I have started carrying the Soup To Bones line and my patients are thriving! I wholeheartedly recommend and trust Soup To Bones for the freshness of their ingredients and the love they prepare their products with.

Dr. Carolina Zakes

The soups are made with the best organic ingredients and taste amazing. They have helped so many people, I recommend Dr. Leyva’s healthy nourishing soups to a lot of my patients.

Dr. Jackie Junco

Sandra's soups are amazing! I love soups to begin with but when I learned that there were soups made with a purpose of more than just tasting delicious, I was blown away. I've been having her Bone Marrow Soup for dinner everyday for about 2 weeks and I've been able to sleep more soundly through the night, I am able to wake up in the mornings without wanting to hit the snooze button every 5 minutes. I also practice Chinese Medicine and have given these soups to all my patients. They have all had great feedback. I definitely recommend everyone at least try a weeks worth of soup to see how it can help you.

Dr. Jessica DelValle